Name of Scholarship Eligibility
National Scholarship Entitlement card income limit Rs.25,000
State merit scholarship Minimum 50% marks
IDC-10,000/-P.G.-12,000/- Per annum
Scholarship for physically handicapped Monthly income should not exceed Rs.750/-
Scholarship for the 60% of marks Income limit children of fisherman Rs.2,000/- per annum School teachers
University merit Selection by university on merit basis Scholarship The list will be published from the highest mark holders admitted in college. Annual Income limit Rs.6,000/-
Full fees concession to O.B.C. Students Annual income limit Rs. 25,000/- Per year for degree
Full fees concession to Annual income per year Degree Rs.25,000/- socially and educationally backward class (as per Kumara Pillai Commission report)
P.G. Course Rs. 42,000/-(Same as above)