Sree Sankara Samskarika Patana Kendram was formed in the year 1993 with the far sighted intension to promote and propagate Sankara Darsanam and Bharatha Darsanam through a deep and wide research and study. This Patana Kendram comes under the Sree Sankara Trust which has established itself as a connoisseur of three prominent educational institutions that come under it.

The Patana Kendra is organizing classes and seminars on various topics of immense relevance. It has also to its credit a Thaliyola Grantha Pura which collects and preserves old and traditional texts written in the Palmyra leaves. There is also facility to convert the contents of such Granthas into the new system of technology in the forms of CD’s.


The Patana Kendra had conducted many talks and other various programs including seminars and workshops as a part of its active functioning.


The Department of Publication proudly claims the following publications from the Patana Kendram
1. Amrutha Geethi-Prof. Kesavan Namboothiri-Musical writings in Sanskrit Language – publication details: April 2009 (1st Ed.) Price: 50
2. Bala kadhashadvimssathi-Sreeman Namboothiri-26 Children’s stories-In simple Sanskrit language– publication details: April 2012 (1st Ed.) Price: 70

There are about hundred Grandhas collected and preserved in the Thaliyola Grandhapura on various subjects like Astrology, Vaidyam etc.,



From the year 2011 onwards, The Sankara Samskarika Patana Kendram started honouring the most deserving and eminent personalities in the scholarly field with Vijnaana Peetom award. The following personalities of excellence have bagged the awards during various periods.

Prof. Kesavan Namboothiri
D. Sreeman Namboothiri
Dr. Cherakkarackkal Krishnan Namboothiri
M.V. Vishnu Namboothiri

1.  Translation of Bharatheeya Ganitha Sasthra Grandham of C. Krishnan Namboothiri from Malayalam to English.
2. Digitalization of Grandhas
3. Collection of Grandhas

The Patana Kendram together with the support of the Trust ensures many developmental research programs which will be beneficial to the contemporary society to fulfil the vision and mission of the Sree Sankara Trust.