The Parent Teacher Association is playing a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the college machinery. It supports all endeavors and establishes a positive and constructive link between all the stakeholders.The purpose of the PTA is to develop between educators and the College community at large, united efforts to secure for all SSV students the highest advantages in intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual education, and to provide a continuing channel of communication among the various sectors of the SSV community in order to promote an atmosphere of goodwill and co-operation.


The objectives of the Association are to advance the education and all-round development of SSV College Students by:
a. Extending relationships between the College staff, parents, and all other stakeholders.
b. Engaging in financial and practical activities which support the College. Such activities shall always be subject to the approval of the Principal of SSV College
To achieve these objectives, the PTA shall be empowered to:
Provide venues for the expression of views on matters of general interest to parents, faculty and students
Provide services and programs in support of scholastic pursuits and extracurricular activities of the students
Propose to the College administration and/or the Management any suggestions for existing educational programs or for the adoption of any new programs that may be responsive to the changing requirements of an international student body;
Raise funds, transact business and exercise such functions as are necessary in the execution of the stated objectives of the organization;
Provide social venues for parents, students and teachers to interact.

Constitution & Membership
The Principal, and all the teaching Staff and the parents / guardians of all the students on rolls of the college during an academic year shall be the members of the association and this constitute the general body. The General Body meets once in a year. The administration of the association is vested in an executive committee elected every year by the General Body. The Executive Committee consists of the President (Principal) vice-President (from parents), Secretary (from Teaching Staff) and members elected from both Teaching staff and Parents / Guardians. The executive meeting is held once every semester or whenever the need arises. Prof. M.P. Vasudevan Namboothiri is elected as the secretary for this academic year.
Sri. Vasudevan Nambudiri M.P. (In charge)

PTA Executive Committee-2015-16
Executive Committee meetings–Following decisions and suggestions were made
14-06-15-1.Financial assistance to clubs and departments to conduct programmes(Rs2000 and 5000 each)
2. campus cleaning give financial support to campus colour shooting team.(Asianet)
23-8-15-1.Financial support to buy a computer in nearby Government L P School
2. Medical expenses of financially weak students
3.grass cutting
14-1-16-1.Financial support to a neighbor in her medical expenses(Rs.5000)
2. to give financial support to Departments in conduction of Arts fest-Rs 2000 each
28-1-2016 – Decided to conduct Class PTA and Executive committee meeting -result analysis
02-02-2016- FN -General Body meeting -Award distribution to University Rank holders and Class Toppers
General body meeting of SSV College Parent Teachers Association was conducted on 02-02-2016 and following were elected as the members of PTA Executive Committee-2015-16
1.Sri.R Krishna Kumar(Principal) -President
2.Sri.M.P.VasudevanNambudiry –Secretary
3.Sri. Santhosh Kumar.N – (Vice President)
4.Sri.Eldhose N.V. – (Joint Secretary)
5.Sri.Venugopal Nair
6.Sri .Mohanan Kartha
8.Smt.Latha P.V.
02-02-2016-FN -Class PTA
1. Campus cleaning-4
2. Financial assistance to students (medical back ground)-13Nos
3 Cash Award and Shield to University Rank holders-2
4. Cash Award and Shield to best out going students-14Nos
5. Award to Toppers (CBCSS Examinations 1st Semester)-42Nos
6. Awareness Classes for Students and Parents -2
7. Financial support to campus colour shooting team.(Asianet)
8. Financial support to buy a computer in nearby Government L P School
9.Financial assistance to clubs and departments to conduct programmes(Rs2000 and 5000 each)
10.Financial support to a neighbor in her medical expenses(Rs.5000)
11. Financial support to Departments in conduction of Arts fest-Rs 2000 each
12.Financial support to conduct Alumni meeting-Rs 9000/-
General Body meeting – 1
Class PTA- 2
Executive Committee-4