Heritage Museum is really an asset of the Department of History started functioning in the College for the two decades. It consists of archaeological remains, relics, products of workmanship, coins, kitchen vessels etc. used by the people in ancient societies in the neighbourhood. It contains 61 different items which include Numismatics, charts with the history of Numismatics, wooden utensils, manuscripts, copper plates. With the participation of the students, excavations were conducted at different places of archaeological importance and archaeological remains dugout from these areas are collected, classified and demonstrated in the Museum. It helps us to know about the people who lived in a particular period and to understand the way of life and cultural life of those people. We have coins of different countries and models of relics used by the Harappan people who lived before the Christian Era. A lot of Manuscripts and agricultural tools and implements are also included. It really creates great enthusiasm among students to know our early ancestors and their cultural heritage. The museum is always open to all the students in the College and they visit here with great curiosity.
We conducted Exhibitions as a part of our History day celebrations and provided opportunities to all to visit our museum. As an extension activity, we arranged an Exhibition at Mannam Vidyabhavan English Medium School, Valayanchirangara. Students from different schools visited and this was an event of wide approval and appreciation from the public. We adopt modern scientific techniques to preserve the remains for the posterity.