1. Prof.S.K. Krishnan (Chairman)
  2. Principal (Convenor)
  3. Dr.P.N. Hari Sharma (In-Charge)
  4. Dr.Poornima R.
  5. M.J.Sreekumaran Nair
  6. Lijo Johny
  7. Ambili M.S.
  8. M.T. Parameswaran (Jr. Supt)


  1. Principal (Chairman)
  2. Rasmi K.P.
  3. Sumaja Sasidharan
  4. Vishnu Nambuthiri

A UGC Cell is functioning in the college to collect and disburse the information and other guide lines from UGC to the teachers and departments from time to time. It functions as an information centre with the following staff representatives.

  1. Manusankar C (In charge)
  2. Anoop V

In the Interest of the Institution and for the sake of maintaining discipline inside the campus and to insist the judgement of Hon.HighCourt of Kerala in R.P. No. 437/2003 a discipline committee is functioning in the college.

  1. Principal (Chairman)
  2. James V.M. (Convenor)
  3. K.N. Sasikumar
  4. P.K.Thanooja Devi
  5. Rashmi K.P.
  6. A.N.Geetha
  7. Jebin Jacob

In pursuance to the Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme court of India dated 08-05-2009 in civil Appeal No. 887/ 2009, the University Grants Commission has framed “UGC Regulation on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009” which have been notified on the 4th July 2009 in the Gazette of India. These regulations are mandatory for all Universities / Institution. As per these regulations our college has constituted an anti- ragging cell with the following members

  1. Principal (Convener)
  2. Jebin Jacob (Staff advisor)
  3. Dr.P.N.Harisarma
  4. M.T.Parameswaran (Jr Supt)
  5. (Student member)
  6. K.P. Vinod Kumar (Member, Gramapanchyath)
  7. P.K. NarayanaSarma (NGO representative)
  8. Sub Inspector of Police
  9. Fresher student rep


  1. James. V.M (In charge)
  2. Jebin Jacob
  3. Sumi. K.S

SC / ST. Monitoring Committee is also functioning in the college as per the rules & directions from the Govt. of Kerala and MG University with the following members.

  1. Principal (Chairman)
  2. Panchayath President
  3. Dr.Sudhakaran K.M.
  4. M.T.Parameswaran (Jr. Supt.)

The term “student’s Grievance” refers to the Grievance at individuallevel, which has been faced on account of being over looked by thecollege. It refers to those kinds of actions / decisions taken by thecollege (officials) which lead to the discontent and dissatisfaction onthe part of student. The formation of student Grievance Cell is to promote and maintain a conductive and experiencing unprejudiced educational environment where students shall not experience infringement of their rights. It is a measure to develop responsive and accountable attitude among College officials to ensure that, there is no laxity in terms of fair – deal with the students. It is to deal with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive or dissatisfied.

  1. M.P.Vasudevan Nambudiri (Convenor)
  2. V.N. Chandrika (Jt Convenor)
  3. Jebin Jacob
  4. Anjana V.N.

As per GO (MS) No.169/HVAI Edn.dated 22-Il-1994, Principals of Colleges are directed to constitute an 8 member Library advisory Committee consisting of 5 HODs in addition to the librarian, a student nominee and the Principal.

  1. Principal (Chairman)
  2. Librarian (Secretary)
  3. Anoop V.
  4. P.K. Thanooja Devi
  5. Varma Hemambika Ravindra
  6. K.R. Praveen
  7. P.K.Narayana Sharma
  8. Magazine Editor (Student)

The function of the Library Advisory Committee is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management. The purpose of the Library Advisory Committee is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the College Library and its users. The Committee’s main objective is to aid in the establishment of a bridge between the Library and the academic fraternity and the College management. The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is to be appointed by the Principal.