BHAUMIKA—the nature club.

Bhaumika is a major force in the cultural transformation of our institution. We realized that the society need an ecological perspective which the present situations does not offer.What we need then is a new vision of reality, a fundamental change in our thoughts,perceptions and values.The beginning of this change is possible through a shift to the holistic conception of reality.The  various manifestations and implications of this shift formulates the aims and objectives of ‘BHAUMIKA’.

The overall objective of ‘BHAUMIKA; is to focus the attention of our students towards serious environment problems through vedic vision on environment.

‘Bhaumika’—the term means everything on earth and the inter relations of everything related to earth.

Our motto is a verse from Upanishad,“Paadasparshamkshamaswame’’.

Co-ordinator : Sri. Praveen K. R.

Year Activity conducted
2010-2011 Environment day was celebrated. Conducted,essay and drawing competitions. published manuscript magazine.
2011-2012 Activities were inaugurated on 5-1-2012 by,prof.C.P.Roy,notable environmentalist. Two seminars were arranged(Aug. &,December2012),Conducted tour to Thattekkaad.
2012-2013 Awareness classes were conducted in July and October 2013.Declared campus as plastic free. Drawing competition was conducted at L.P.,School level. A talk was conducted on ‘Mullapperiyaar’ issue by prof. P.G.Haridas.,
2013-2014 Planted 24 mango trees and 9 Jack fruit,trees inside the campus.
2014-2015 Herbal garden in front of the campus,.Environmental awareness classes were conducted. The eco-friendly nature of,the campus was maintained.